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I’m a tarot reader and mentor, with experience coaching and mentoring others for over seven years.


I combine my experience supporting and guiding others with the tarot and my background in kinesiology and wellness to help you make peace and move forward intentionally and with confidence.


I know what it’s like to be lost, confused, and unsure of where life is going or what to do next.


If you’re tired of living this way and need someone to help put you back in the driver’s seat of your life, then me and my trusty tarot deck can help you do that.


My big love in work is helping others achieve their definition of success and growing into themselves during their healing journey.


Helping others be their best and true selves is so important, especially since I’ve worked every day to be the best and most authentic version of me. 


While studying and working, I’ve always had a passion for peak performance, productivity, and the fine balance between efficiency and effectiveness. What I’ve found in this research is that we need to have a balance to fully enjoy every aspect of our lives, and that human being is more important than human doing.


Mindfulness was never really a thing for me until I realized I needed it for a better quality of life. Of course, tarot was part of that practice.


I use the tarot as a tool for healing, guidance, and clarity that allows you to make sense of your life and develop a plan. The key to these readings is that they include actions that you can do every day to begin working towards your dream life to make it a reality.

Our future is something we create, not something that happens to us. 


Rather than using tarot as a predictive tool, they help to reveal the roadmap for your self-discovery. Readings with me empower you to take control of your life.


No waiting on the world to change - you’ll go change it. 

I help you go from living passively to actively through readings, coaching and mentoring, with the tarot as our guide.


When I don’t have a deck in my hands, you can find me at the gym, hanging out with our seven pets (Simba the hamster, Magik, Jupiter, and Onyx, the three black cats, and Kaiya, Cheeto, and Atlas, the three dogs) or at whatever new restaurant that's popped up with my partner, Lexy. 

Really though, I'm binge watching Queer Eye on Netflix, curled up with a good book, or sitting on the couch with Lexy online shopping.


I’m currently in the process of finding a venue to hang out in for readings, but am available for private readings online, events, and fundraisers, and am always interested in chatting about how we can work together.


Reach out to me at julian@anchoredtarot.com and let’s connect!




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